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Hi Friends!

My guest on today’s episode of TOL is Cameron Cegala.  Cameron is the co-founder of AdKaddy, a mobile app created to help users keep their personal inboxes simple and free of brand clutter. (can I get an amen?!) 

Prior to developing AdKaddy, Cameron spent several years in the CPG industry, working in sales and marketing which gave her a unique insight into the brand-customer relationship.  Seeking a better way for brands to interact with customers without feeling “interrupted” is what fueled Cameron’s passion to develop AdKaddy.

We talk a lot about digital clutter, especially when it comes to email. In the past we have discussed an “all or nothing” approach: either unsubscribe or have a cluttered inbox.  

But AdKaddy is different. The reality is that sometimes you want or need to keep emails, but don’t necessarily want 1000 of them in your inbox. AdKaddy is a simple and streamlined email platform that is designed to categorize all of your online shopping in one place.

Easy Sorting + Easy Retrieval = Uncluttered Inbox

Cameron walks us through the simple set up process (and I mean SIMPLE!) and if you are a coupon lover (like Erika), you will LOVE LOVE LOVE how easy it is to get, sort and use promo codes to begin saving money immediately!

Visit AdKaddy.com  to get started cleaning your inbox! 

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