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Hi Friends!

Today I am joined by fellow mom and entrepreneur, Viktoria Harrison.  Vik was 25 when she started building the charity: water brand alongside her husband Scott. Twelve years later, the organization has raised $300 million, helped 8 million people get clean drinking water, while inspiring non-profits and businesses around the world through creative storytelling and design. (You may have heard me talk about charity: water in past episodes about clutter free gift ideas)

Now, Vik is helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs find their unique stories and build soulful, authentic and successful brands that deeply reflect who they are, through her  company, The Branded Startup.

Vik is also the mom to two adorable kids, and is in the weeds of pre-school, kindergarten and small space living in NYC.

Our conversation dives into her experience of birthing one of the most influential and social conscious non-profits, to making the decision to stay at home with her little ones, to now integrating life as a wife, mom, and founder of The Branded Start Up.

  • We chat about her roots of coming to America as a small child and living in a multi-generational home, to now raising a family of her own in an urban environment. (*which for all my suburban/country listeners comes with it’s own set of unique challenges! )

  • The differences in starting a business as a single woman in her 20’s verses a married mother of 2 in her 30’s.

  • How she handles work/life integration

Of course we wrap up our episode with Vik spilling the beans of where she feels like a hot mess, and where she is thriving!

I love Vik’s honesty and candor during our conversation, and my hope is that wherever you are in your own journey, that you leave this episode feeling inspired and empowered to be the best you can be.

Please be sure to check out the links below which includes one of my favorite clutter-free birthday gift ideas!

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