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I am very excited to share a guest post by our SBO Partner Lauren White, owner of Intentional Edit in Arizona!  

Are you thinking about hosting a Halloween party this year? 

Last year we had a pumpkin carving party to celebrate Halloween.  It gave me an excuse to bring out all of my Halloween decorations and really have fun hanging witch hats and putting pumpkins everywhere.  I even took my white Christmas tree out of the attic and made it a Halloween tree.  I think that I might LOVE it more than a traditional Christmas tree.

I began hanging witch hats outside my front door a few years ago and I added them again to greet our party guests.  It was fun to see the hats blowing in the wind.  This is such an easy and inexpensive way to make a big impact.  I use fishing line and a tack to hang them.  A sewing needle works well to string the line through the top of the hats.

For the party, I had the usual easy party food…veggies and dip, chips and salsa, etc.  I also tried out a few new recipes that are more specific to Halloween or fall.  I modified my Easter trail mix recipe for a Halloween Trail Mix and had it in bowls throughout the house and small individual containers with the appetizers.  The Halloween trail mix was a big hit!

Drinks included a green potion punch for the kids, a variety of fall/pumpkin beer for the adults and Apple Cider Sangria.  I love having one signature drink when I host a party and this one was tasty.

Dinner was buffet style and included pumpkin and ghost shaped pasta with a meatball marinara sauce, a variety of salads and Italian meatball sliders.  

For dessert, I set up a caramel apple bar where guests could dip apple slices on sticks in melted caramel and add a variety of toppings.  You can go all out with tons of options for toppings or keep it simple with just a few.  Either way, it’s a fun thing to serve for dessert.  The adults and kids LOVED the caramel apples. 

The carving station was simple with tables set up with a plastic tablecloth (so I could scoop it up and throw away the pumpkin gut mess at the end of the night) and a bucket on each table with carving tools, knives, scoops and templates for pumpkins.  If you are planning a carving party be sure to have trash cans set up near each table for all of the seeds and mess that goes along with carving pumpkins.

The party was tons of fun for everyone!  I have a feeling this party might become an annual event.  What is your favorite Halloween tradition?

Lauren is the owner of Intentional Edit, a professional organizing company in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is passionate about being organized and efficient and making spaces beautiful at the same time. Lauren believes that a functional home and workplace that looks and feels pretty has a positive effect on all aspects of life. She hopes to inspire you to live your best-organized life! You can find out more about her on Instagram.