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I am very excited to share a guest post by our SBO Partner Kirsty Farrugia from The Art of Decluttering.

Does your child love playing with Lego? Do you still enjoy building with it too? It is such a fantastic open ended toy that millions of small and big kids around the world love playing with. Children can learn to follow step by step instructions and experience the joy of creating Lego that resembles the picture on the box or they can further unleash their creativity and design their own Lego creations.

Similarly, we as parents can find solutions for storing Lego that are step by step instructions like we will give you today or you can unleash your creativity and design your own storage solution. We all know that the joy of watching our children build Lego is quickly negated by stepping on a random piece during the night, so we want to make it is easy for our children to pack up and store their Lego as possible.

Before we give you our ideas on storage, we want to encourage you to consider the following questions as the answers will help you determine which of our solutions will work best for your family or if you’ll need a combination of our ideas;

  • Who plays with the Lego and where do they like to play with it?
  • Does it need to be kept up high to be out reach of little fingers?
  • Do you want your kids to get it out by themselves?
  • Do your kids like to make Lego as per the instructions?
  • Do your kids like to build it once and then use the pieces for imaginative play and create their own inventions?
  • Do they want to display the creations? 

    Under the Bed Storage


    In both of our houses we use a form of underbed storage in our boys rooms. We have dividers to help sort the lego into different colours or sizes because this is what works best for our boys, however, you could just have it all in together.  It’s great because it’s out of sight when it’s not in use and super easy to get out when the kids want to play with it. The best thing about this solution is that the kids can do everything on their own – pull it out, play with it and easily pack it up again.

    Play Bag

    They are many Lego drawstring bags you can buy at markets and online that have a dual purpose. You can store all the pieces in them and they also turn into a playmat. This means that once the kids are finished playing, instead of having to pick up all the pieces, you just draw the string to close the bag and the pieces are all contained. This solution is fantastic if you want to transport Lego to a playdate, holiday house or grandparents house.

    Lego Table

    There are some pretty clever Lego tables on the market that might suit your family. You can purchase them at toy shops or online or if you are creative and handy you can copy or invent clever hacks that are popular on Pinterest. This is a great solution if you don’t have a huge supply of Lego and the kids like playing together up at a table and you have space for it.

    Wall Storage

    If you have a child that is a master builder and they want to display their creations, having shelving is a great solution. You can custom build shelves to suit the size of creations or what you’d like to display. Cube shelving can also look great with different Lego creations in each cubby hole and larger pieces displayed on top.

    Containers with Dividers

    If you/your children are serious Lego fans, you’ve no doubt considered the many options of sorting and storing your large lego collection. Should you sort by colour? By size? By set? Whichever method you choose to use, having containers with dividers is key. We suggest that you have large containers with
    dividers inside rather than small containers for each category as it makes packing up so much easier. Remember that like all toy storage, Lego storage should enable play, creativity and fun rather than restrict it. If your Lego storage system is too complicated or too hard to maintain, children will find it harder to pack up and you might find yourself stepping on piece in the middle of the night again!