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Hi Friends!

Each year around the holidays, Erika and I highlight companies who have a product or service that give back. As much as we preach about experiences over gifts, there is something to be said about unwrapping a surprise treat, or better yet, giving one!

We have compiled a list of 10 different companies with one thing in common:


Our diverse list include companies who help bring people out of poverty through job creation and rehabilitation, to companies donating products or profits to help fund environmental issue- one thing is certain: these companies are worth supporting this holiday season.

I encourage you to listen to HOW and WHY we chose each one, LEARN about each of their stories, and SUPPORT them during this holiday season.

Whether your budget is $5 or $500 there is there is something on our list for everyone!

If we are going to shop, the least we can do is shop with a cause!

***Please note that this is purely our editorial opinions and we have not been compensated in any way by any of these companies. In addition to shopping their sites this holiday season, we would love for you to give them a shout-out on IG and tag us @simplyborganized with the #thisorganizedlifepodcast


Company: Pure Vida  Bracelets  

Product: bracelet for JDRF ($6.00)

Benefit: 10% of sales donated to T1D cure , prevention, treatment, & awareness

Cause: Environmental conservation, human rights, animal welfare

Company: LUSH Lushusa.com

Product: Charity Pot  (small $7.95/ lg $27.95)

Benefit:100 percent of each purchase goes to charity

Cause: Multiple non-profits including:   animal rescue, breast cancer prevention, rainforests, educate kids, end poverty, fight malaria, protect~ elephants, sharks, ocean, provide water, treat HIV,stop violence, Poverty / disadvantaged kids

Company: Conscious Step Socks

Product: funky socks (around $14.95)

Benefit: $1 per sock to specific cause (15 to choose from)

Cause: at risk youth

Company: STATE back packs

Product: Backpacks  statebags.com  ($75-$175)

Benefit: donates a fully stocked knapsack to a child in an at risk neighborhood

Cause: Sex Trafficking

Company: Sudara.org

Product: Punjammies Pants ($29 each)

Benefit: job creation and skill training for woman in india who are high risk or survivors of sex trafficking

Cause: Autism

Company: ev gifts gifts.evnc.org

Product: candles, bath and body, jewelry handcrafted by adults w/Autism ($8-$40 each)

Benefit: supports employment of adults with developmental disabilities

Cause: Rehabilitation of previously incarcerated individuals

Company: Grey Ston Bakery “eat brownies, change lives”

Product: Indulgent Eight Brownies ($25)

Benefit: open hiring system, workforce dev, housing, etc

Cause: Safe Water

Company: Lula’s Garden

Product: succulents ($25-$125)

Benefit: providing access to safe water in developing countries for 6 months

Cause: Good Hygenie

Company: SoapboxSoaps  “soap=hope”

Product: Soap Products  (bundle product $33.95)

Benefit: Provides 1 bar of soap plus education on proper hygiene both in the US and abroad in countries such as India, Haiti and Cambodia,  just to name a few.

Cause: Animal Rescue

Company: Rescue Chocolate

Product: Vegan Chocolate (Starting at $6 per bar, or collection $25)

Benefit:  From each chocolate purchased, 100% of the net profits are donated to animal rescue organizations around the country.


Here’s some of our favorite sustainable product lines:

Laurie’s Favorites:

    Fire Dept Coffee | Grounds & Hounds | Noonday Collection

Erika’s Favorites:

 Thistle Farms |  Warby Parker

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