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Hi Friends!

As the New Year gets underway, I am always looking for ways to stay motivated. Sometimes that means learning something new, but other times it means pulling out some tried and true strategies.

On today’s episode, Erika and I talk about several simple decluttering tips; some you may have heard of, and others might be brand new to you. The one thing they have in common is that they work! Perhaps not all of them for you, but there is enough variety on this list you are sure to find something that gets you motivated.

You’ll want to listen to the full episode to hear our take on each of these, but for all my readers, here you go! 

  1. Give yourself 5 solid minutes to declutter something everyday. It can be as simple as cleaning a drawer, putting away laundry or purging old papers. 
  1. Give away one item each day. 
  1. Fill one trash bag per day (or per week) depending on your level of clutter. 
  1. Try the Closet Hanger Experiment. Turn all of your hangers backwards, and each time you wear something you turn the hanger the correct way. At the end of the season you can see what clothes you actually wore, and hopefully donate the rest! 
  1. Take the 12-12-12 Challenge. Each week pick 12 items that need to be thrown away, 12 items that can be donated, and 12 items that need to be returned to their proper home. 
  1. Experiment with Project 333. (Check out my conversation with Courtney Carver to learn more!) 
  1. Put a load in your car for charity. 
  1. Create a 30-day list. 
  1. Use caddys or trays to corral things like remotes, perfumes, face creams,etc. 
  1. Don’t buy something just because it’s cheap or on sale. 
  1. Purge anything you can easily get on the internet such as user manuals, take out menus, credit card statements, etc. 
  1. Save instead of Spend. Every time you get the urge to spend, put that money in a jar or separate account and at the end of the month see how much you have saved. 
  1. Start with the easy stuff first. Getting some small wins under your belt helps with motivation and tracking process.
  1. Believe it’s possible. The first step in any change is believing it’s possible 
  1. Finally, Asking yourself these two questions while decluttering can be very helpful.

1. Where would I look for this item?

2. Would I know if I already have one?

If you liked this list, or looking for a deeper dive into decluttering, My book, HOT MESS: A Practical Guide to Getting Organized is filled with strategies and a complete room by room decluttering guide.

There are lots of great resources available, from books, to podcasts, to online courses. The key is to find the combination that works for you.  Several people have shared that they listen to our podcast while they declutter helps to keep them engaged and motivated!

Whatever method is working for you, feel free to let us know in our facebook group This ORGANIZED Life Podcast, or tag us on IG @simplyborganized so we can cheer you on!

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