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Hi Friends!

Today I am joined by new friend, Alexis Austin. Alexis is the founder and CEO/Mom-Boss behind Curio Press— a family owned stationery company based in St. Louis Missouri. Alexis and her beautiful products have been featured in St Louis Business Journal, Saint Louis Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Brit+Co, AND right here on This ORGANIZED Life podcast!

I connected with Alexis several months ago and was inspired by her story. I invited her on TOL to talk about her journey as a wife, mom, small business owner and everything in between! She shares how a health scare that changed the trajectory of her life, resulted in her building a company alongside her husband, and living her passion.

“If we can make even the most mundane tasks like jotting notes or making grocery lists look pretty, it somehow makes us feel good.”

During our conversation we talk about:

  • The power of a handwritten note in a world filled with texts and emails
  • The importance of expressing gratitude in writing
  • Why personalized gifts matter

We also touch on entrepreneurship. Alexis shares some advice for anyone wanting to start a business, whether it’s a side hustle, passion project or new venture even if you have no idea where to start.

AND, Alexis has a special promo code exclusive for TOL listeners that you won’t see anywhere else! And you can share it with a friend-how great is that?

Visit CURIO-PRESS.COM and enter the code ORGANIZED at checkout to receive 15% your entire order!

A special thanks to our good friends at CURIO-PRESS for sponsoring this episode of This ORGANIZED Life! Check out the AMAZING discount at the bottom of the show notes, exclusive to the TOL community! 

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