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Hi Friends!

At the release of this episode, many of you will be on week 2 of quarantine. How is everyone holding up? It’s crazy to think about how COVID-19 has affected the things we take for granted, like the freedom to work, play and socialize without restriction.

But rather than focus on the negative, I invited SBO Partner, Mary Cornetta to chat about how we can all pivot with grace during these unprecedented times.

To look on the brighter side of things, let’s take a moment to highlight some things that we now have permission to do as a result of self-quarantine.

1. PJ days
2. Sleep In
3. Take a Walk
4. Look up Recipes
5. Eat a meal together
6. Binge Watch something on Hulu or Netflix
7. Write a letter to someone

If you are feeling anxious or stressed about being surrounded by clutter, Mary shares how to work with a virtual organizer while under quarantine. Virtual Organizing is proving to be a great alternative for people who crave the personal support, knowledge and accountability of a professional organizer, by allowing you to work together via zoom, Goggle hangouts, or a good old  fashioned phone call!

Most, if not all of our SBO Partners are offering virtual sessions to their clients.  In an effort to continue to support local, I encourage you to visit our partner page to find an organizer near you.

Stay healthy everyone!

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