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Hi Friends!

Today you are in for a treat!. I am joined by Deb Foglia, the creator behind the home decor and DIY blog, Seeking Lavender Lane. A “home enthusiast” and self-taught decorator, Deb has built a following in the online world of sharing what she is most passionate about, her home.

Deb’s been featured in The American Farmhouse magazine, the show Flea Market Flip, Rachael Ray, and has collaborated with multiple brands throughout the years in the world of home and design.

Deb shares her home and styling tips weekly on her blog, and you can catch her behind the scenes on Instagram, where she hangs out!  She most recently launched a free Home Healing group to help women love their home more while building community during uneasy or tough times. When she’s not working on her blog and home Deb is with her family enjoying the moments and making memories.

During our conversation we talked about:

  • How she started her business
  • Her advice as we spend more time in our homes
  • Some of her favorite projects
  • How she time blocks her day as wife, mom, and entrepreneur
  • Where she finds her inspiration

My conversation with Deb was fun, lighthearted, and much needed during this time of uncertainty. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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