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Hi Friends!

Joining me today is best selling author, and leadership speaker, Marissa Orr. I asked Marissa to join me on This ORGANIZED Life Podcast to talk about life as a single mother of 3, what prompted her speak out about the inequalities she experienced during her time at Google & Facebook, and what eventually led her to write her breakout book: Lean Out, The Truth About Women, Power, & the Workplace.

● Marissa candidly shared her story, and we talked about her own struggles with clutter.

● She explains why she named her podcast “Nice Girls Don’t Watch the Bachelor” (it’s probably not what you think!)

● We talked about creating margin, giving ourselves permission to not be perfect, and how her future self “Doris,” helps to keep her in check!

I could have talked with Marissa for hours (not to worry, we are having her back on our show in a few months!).

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