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Hi Friends!

Today I am joined by fellow working mom and podcaster, Jenny Elliott. Jenny is the host of Career Mom Podcast which helps to support moms working in corporate America (and boy do we need that NOW more than ever!). After the birth of her son, Jenny was so unprepared for the transition from being a CAREER WOMAN to a CAREER MOM that she had a complete identity crisis.

We had an honest conversation about how she struggled with a loss of identity as a stay at home mom, why it wasn’t talked about, and how she created a platform to have honest conversations with other women who are struggling with similar issues.

We talked about things like:

● Why her decision to return to work after having her son was a no-brainer.

● Dispelling the myths of what defines a “good mom.”

● Feelings of Imposter Syndrome.

● Why removing physical clutter was a big part of freeing up the mental space needed to sort through her new identity.

● How organization and systems are a key part to making working mom life work (although so is grace when those don’t always work as intended!)

For many women there is a real line of “who I was before kids” and “who I am now” and not everyone wants to talk about it, but we do!

If you or someone you know is struggling with either the transition from career to motherhood, or trying to juggle “all the things,” I encourage you to share this episode-you never know who needs to hear it.

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