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Hi Friends!

Well, we did it! 200 episodes of This ORGANIZED Life Podcast (cue the confetti!).

Joining me on this momentous occasion is none other than my real life partner-in-crime, Josh Palau. On today’s episode we look back over the past 4 years and talk about how the show has evolved, some of my favorite guests, and what I envision for the future of This ORGANIZED Life and Simply B Organized.

We also talk about how the professional organizing industry has changed since I started in 2009, what I think about the new Netflix show GET ORGANIZED with The HOME EDIT, and the impact that COVID has had on our family and on my business.

And of course, we wrap up the show by Josh asking me, the two signature TOL questions:

Where do I feel the most organized? And where do I feel like the biggest hot mess?

Thanks to my team for their hard work and dedication, and thanks to YOU for helping our show to grow each week.

200 episodes would not be possible without your support. I am humbled and grateful that you choose to spend time with me each week.

Cheers to the next 200 episodes!

P.S. Next week we kick off a new series on Clutter & The Enneagram!

Nine weeks, Nine Enneagram Types-it’s going to be great! We’ve got some incredible guests lined up, so make sure to subscribe to our podcast on spotify, apple podcast, google play, stitcher or wherever you like to listen.

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