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Hi Friends!

Today I am joined by Enneagram 6, Leslie Bley. Leslie is a therapist, and founder of Your Enneagram Counsult where she incorporates Enneagram teaching into private practice with her clients. Leslie lives in Austin with her husband and their (almost) 10 year old twin boys.

I invited Leslie to come on TOL to shed some light into the world of Enneagram sixes, otherwise known as “The Loyalists.” Sixes are in the thinking triad, and their unconscious motivation is fear: think about the “worst case scenario” people in your life.

When Leslie and I sit down we talk about:

● Her introduction to the Enneagram

● How she has incorporated Enneagram wisdom into her private practice

● The role that being “present focused” plays into her relationship with clutter

● Why having an outer accountability partner is important for sixes when it comes to decision making

● What specific strategies she uses to help her live a more organized life.

Plus, Leslie shares some nuggets of wisdom for anyone who loves a six on how to communicate with them without becoming dismissive.

I could have chatted with Leslie for hours! I hope this episode gives you some insight into life through the lens of an Enneagram 6. If you are still unsure of what Enneagram Type you are, I highly recommend picking up a copy of The Road Back to You.

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about the work I am doing with Enneagram & Clutter click HERE to connect!

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