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Hi Friends!

Today on TOL I sat down with fellow Enneagram 8, Abi Robins. Abi is a trained Enneagram Teacher & Yoga Therapist in Austin, TX. Abi is the author of the book, The Conscious Enneagram. I invited Abi on the show to talk about all things Enneagram 8-otherwise known as The Challenger.

Of all 9 types, 8’s are one of the most misunderstood numbers on the Enneagram. We can be seen as bossy, intimidating, or b*&chy, when in reality, a healthy 8 is a leader, crusader for social justice, and champion of the underdog.

During our conversation Abi shares what it’s like to be Queer & Non-Binary as an Enneagram 8, the value of authenticity as 8, and the role of intensity within the 8’s.

Abi talks about their first introduction to the Enneagram, how quickly it took to identify their type, and how they have incorporated Enneagram wisdom into their teachings.

Although Abi and I are both 8’s on the Enneagram and have many similarities, I found it fascinating to see the differences in our sub-types (Abi is a one-one dominant and I am a social 8).

I loved learning from another Enneagram 8 on how they view the world. If you’ve ever talked to someone who is the same type as you, it’s an immediate reminder that you are not alone or crazy in how you see the world!

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