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Hi Friends!

Today we are taking a walk down memory lane as we recap our most popular episodes of 2020.  We looked at which ones were the most popular from you based on downloads, and which were my personal favorites. One thing is for certain, we’ve had some incredible guests this year on TOL, and I’m not going to lie, it was hard for me to choose my top five.

As I sat down and listened to hours of content, what I found super interesting was that the one common theme that kept recurring from our guests is something that I have been talking about for years: 

clutter and disorganization isn’t limited to what you see on the outside, it’s how you feel on the inside.

Whether you are riddled with guilt, overwhelmed with fear, or struggling with procrastination, getting to the root of your clutter gives you freedom. 

This list runs the spectrum of topics, and includes guests from Boomers to Millennials. If you haven’t already listened to these, I encourage you to go back and check them out.  If you have already listened, I invite you to refresh your memory by re-listening. I know that I picked up some additional nuggets of wisdom the second time around!

Top 5 episodes of 2020

     1. Ep 162: Decluttering Hacks for 2020

     2. Ep 163: How to Choose Your Ideal Wardrobe with Jeannie Stith-Mawhinney

     3. Ep 164: Creating a to-don’t list

     4. Ep 180: Clutter Clinic Quarantine!

     5. Ep 161: Financial Freedom with Rose Lounsbury

My fav episodes of 2020

     1. Ep 198:  Dispelling Men Myths with Josh Levs

     2. Ep 182: Streamline your Inbox with Claire Giovino 

     3. Ep 176: Clutter, Covid & Mindfulness with Kristen Manieri

     4. Ep 167: Emergency Planning with Karen Purze 

     5. *Tie: Ep 204:  Enneagram 4’s with Ian Morgan CronEp 209: Enneagram 9’s with Marissa Orr

I am excited for 2021, and bringing you more great guests, content and inspiration so you feel empowered to live a less cluttered and more organized life. Thank you for showing up each week. I am grateful you choose to share your time with me.

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