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I was asked to write this article for Podcast Movement, and wanted to share it with my simply B organized community.  

From creating engaging content to learning how to monetize that content, developing a successful podcast is no easy task. 

I started out thinking that the only element to a great podcast was holding a great interview, but through the years, I’ve learned that the magic actually happens behind the scenes. From show notes to prep to marketing, there’s a lot to think about — so where do you start? 

Thankfully, I’ve picked up tips and tricks over the last four years that have made my job of podcasting more efficient, effective, and enjoyable! 

From creating engaging content to learning how to monetize that content, developing a successful podcast is no easy task. 

1. Create Templates for Every Part of the Process. 

Creating templates is an easy and effective way to streamline the podcast production process. Instead of rewriting essentially the same guest pitch, email, or show notes each week, I created a templated version of each that I can make minor tweaks to as needed!

2. Automate Scheduling & Intake Forms. 

In the early days of my podcast, so much of my time was spent on administrative tasks like scheduling and sending reminders out to guests! I finally decided to automate those tasks and I’m so glad I did.  By using affordable scheduling tools, I’ve saved a ton of time that can now be spent on creating more amazing content! Check out my Free Resources page for a great video on how I use Acuity.

3. Batch Record.  

Making a podcast fun and engaging requires that I get in the zone mentally and relationally. Instead of blocking off 20 minutes each week to record — which really means blocking off several hours each week for setup, prep, recording, etc. — I block off a large chunk of time every month to record four weeks’ worth of content.  

For more on my podcasting tips and tricks head over to The Podcast Movement blog for the full article!

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