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Hi Friends!

I was introduced to today’s guest, Franziska Iseli, after reading her book, The Courage Map. The book chronicles her personal journal of traveling from Switzerland to Kazakhstan on a motorbike with nothing but a backpack and a notebook.

Franziska is one of the most interesting guests I have had on the show. She is an adventure-seeking Swiss-Aussie who has authored 3 Best Selling books, in addition to being a social entrepreneur who is passionate  about ocean conservation.

She has been featured across major media platforms including  INC, Forbes, Business Insider, Marie-Claire, and Cosmopolitan, but  I invited her to join me on TOL to talk about the experiences  and lessons learned from writing The Courage Map.

During our conversation we talked about

  • What prompted her to set off on a multi-country bike adventure
  • Lessons that she learned on her trip including: truth, intentions, trust, and love
  • Why it’s easy for her to let go of material things (you have to listen to her story about giving her jacket to a complete stranger!)

Courage is a big word that conjures up lots of images. 

At one point or another, we all seek to find courage, whether in our personal or professional lives. This episode challenged me to think differently about coming out of my comfort zone, and reinforced my belief that living simply and working smart can open your world up to the most incredible possibilities.

Make sure to check out the links below to reference all things we talked about during our conversation.

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Connect with Franziska


FranziskaIseli.com | BasicBananas.com | Oceanlovers.com | TheBusinessHood.com

Links Mentioned in this Episode

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