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Hi Friends!

I am super excited to share todays guest with you.  Joining me is Cara Harvey, host of the popular podcast A Purpose Driven Mom, and successful business owner where she helps women in the areas of finances, schedules, health, and most of all themselves! Cara has built an incredible community with thousands of women who come from different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, who learn from and support one another. 

But it wasn’t always this way. I invited Cara to join me today to share her personal story which includes being on food stamps as she and her husband struggled to make ends meet, while both working multiple jobs and raising 3 small children. 

Cara talks about how she navigated life during that rough season, how she started her business and why she believes that we all have purpose, even if we have lost our way.

During our conversation, we talk about

  • the most common struggle she hears from women
  • The power of permission
  • Goal Chasing
  • The importance of a time inventory and “thought catchers”

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed or lost in your life, career or marriage, or looking for some extra encouragement to take a leap of faith, this episode is for you!

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