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Hi Friends!

I hope you’re enjoying our Behind the Scenes series of Simply B Organized.  Today I’m pulling back the curtain of what you’re listening to right here, This ORGANIZED Life Podcast! Joining me today as my co-host is my incredible podcast producer, Don Jackson of the Raven Media Group.

When I decided to launch a podcast in January of 2017, I had no clue of what I was doing! I knew that there was a lot on the technical side with editing and production, so I immediately outsourced that part to an expert. What I didn’t know was all of the work required to make a successful show happen-and get listeners week after week.(It’s probably a good thing that I was clueless, because if I had known how much of my time would be spent working on this show, I more than likely would not have jumped in! ) 

During our conversation we talked about all of the moving parts including: Research, Scheduling Logistics, Content Creation and Marketing.

We specifically dive into:

  1. How we find and book guests
  2. How we come up with topics
  3. Putting together a content calendar
  4. Our recording schedule (ie: how often and when we record) 
  5. The prep that goes into each interview
  6. What  happens during the actual recording
  7. What happens after the recording is done
  8. The process of going from pre to post production
  9. Show notes: What are they? Why do we need them?
  10. Promoting each episode once it gets released
  11. The Value of Ratings & Reviews
  12. How we connect with our listeners and why that is important

I am here to tell you with 100% transparency that I fell in love with podcasting, almost from the start. It’s a lot of work, but I love connecting with incredible folks, while sharing my life and knowledge with you week after week. 

I encourage anyone who is interested in the podcasting world to listen to this episode, so feel free to share with a friend! 

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