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Hi Friends!

On today’s show I am joined by Kath Younger. Kath is the mom of two boys, and the blogger behind the website Kath Eats.  Kath has been in the online space since 2007 and over the years her website has grown from a recipe and nutrition blog, to a complete lifestyle brand, where she talks about motherhood, beauty, budgeting and home organization.

One area in particular that Kath gets really excited about is streamlining Digital Clutter, specifically emails and photos (an area that stresses most people out!)

I invited her onto TOL to share some of her proven strategies with y’all. During our conversation we talk about:

  • Her STAR BOX method
  • How not to use your inbox as a digital filing cabinet
  • Why SEARCH is our best friend

Kath also talks about what she calls “Your digital POWER HOUR”-a dedicated time each week to tackle through all of those unwanted pics on your phone!

This episode is filled with actionable tips and resources, so I encourage you to listen or watch us on YouTube.

Make sure to check out the links below for anything we mentioned during the show!

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