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Hi Friends,

For our final episode of 2021 we’re back with part 2 of our “best of” shows.  Last week we showcased our listener favorites (if you haven’t listened, be sure to check it out here)!

Today I’m back sharing my personal top 10 list of podcast episodes in 2021.

Make no mistake, I love each guest, and find nuggets of wisdom from every episode, so this was no easy task.

During my conversation, I walk through why each of these 10 episodes stood out to me, and what personal or professional take-away I received from each guest.

If you are new to our show, here’s another batch of shows for you to binge!  For our faithful followers, I’d love for you to comment on which episodes topped your personal list.

On behalf of myself, my family and the entire team at This ORGANIZED Life Podcast, THANK YOU for being a part of this podcast community. Whether you listen each week, or watch us on YouTube, you’re the reason we are one of the top podcasts in our category.

It’s because of you that we are able to engage in rich conversations with people who are doing great things in this world.

Next week we will kick off 2022 with a show-stopper guest! Joining me will be none other than best selling author and motivational speaker, Mel Robbins.  This is one episode you won’t want to miss!

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!  Cheers to 2022!

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