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Hi Friends,

Joining me today is Emmy-winning filmmaker and photographer, Kate Schermerhorn. Kate recently completed her third feature length documentary, ‘Do I Need This?’ about consumerism, excess, and the stuff from which happiness is truly made. The documentary is already getting critical acclaim. In the documentary, Kate turns the camera on her own family and chronicles how her parents, brother and kids each navigate the decluttering process.

I invited Kate on the show to talk about what drew her to the topic of environmental consumption and how it’s impacted how she looks at “stuff”.

During our conversation we talked about”

  • The role of emotional clutter and how it often shows up as shame 
  • Finding the middle ground between hoarding and minimalism
  • Defining the legacy you want to leave behind

Kate opened up about her own struggles with letting go, and shares how she wants folks to walk away thinking more consciously about what makes us happy-because often it’s not the “thing” rather the memories we make.

Make sure to check out the links below for books and resources discussed during the episode.

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