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Hi Friends,

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Today we are talking about an area of organizing that most people prefer not to think about-after life wishes.

My guest today is Dean Lambert.  Dean has worked with funeral professionals for nearly 30 years to help them connect and serve the families facing one of the most challenging moments of their lives: the loss of a loved one. 

As a father who has himself experienced the loss of a child, he knows first hand the grief that clouds the vision needed to honor a life well-lived. 

Dean is leading the Love Always Project with a team of experienced subject matter experts and people committed to its purpose: encouraging people to think more positively and proactively about end-of-life issues and funeral prearrangement.

During our conversation we talk about:

  • HOW and WHEN to start the conversation with loved ones about your wishes
  • The information you’ll want to include in your planning
  • The difference between a will and health proxy 
  • How the work at the LOVE ALWAYS PROJECT helps with organization.

This is a heavy topic, but one that is important.  There is a freedom that comes from knowing you are honoring your loved ones wishes, and let’s face it, in times of grief, the last thing any of us need is the added stress of trying to do the “right” thing.

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