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What Inspires Me

In my life at home and with SBO I am constantly looking for inspiration. Whether I’m looking at images on Pinterest,  reading articles about health and wellness,  researching parenting ideas or checking out where to vacation, I learn a lot from others. I find people fascinating . Understanding what inspires someone is a gateway into who they are; making…

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Put an End to Artwork Madness (as seen on CBS)

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Erika VonTiehl from CBS3 where we talked about one of the most dreaded topics for parents of young children: “What do I do with all of their Artwork”? One of my clients and good friend, Katie Welykoridko, graciously invited me (along with a news crew!) into her…

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Conquer 3 Common Clutter Areas

Last week I had the privilege of sharing some of my organizing tips on CBS 3 morning show with anchorwoman Erika Von Tiehl.  We sat down with my client (and friend) to discuss how a busy mom with 3 kids can manage to keep an organized home after some expert help from the team at simply B organized! You can…