Organizing Services

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Do you need an Organizing Diagnostic?

An Organizing Diagnostic is an intensive 2-hour session where we will discuss your organizing goals and current challenges. Identifying your pain points will help us create your Organizing Action Plan that is customized specifically to your lifestyle. Whether you’re overrun with physical clutter, unsure of the best products for your needs, or simply don’t have…

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Take Control Of Your Clutter

“Out of Clutter, Find Simplicity”-  Albert Einstein. Motivation is often the jumpstart we need to overcome some of the most daunting tasks. For years I’ve had the pleasure of working with private clients helping them de-clutter and establish systems to maintain an organized space. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that clutter goes deeper than what’s on the…

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Conquer 3 Common Clutter Areas

Last week I had the privilege of sharing some of my organizing tips on CBS 3 morning show with anchorwoman Erika Von Tiehl.  We sat down with my client (and friend) to discuss how a busy mom with 3 kids can manage to keep an organized home after some expert help from the team at simply B organized! You can…