Enneagram & Clutter Course

It’s not about the bins.

I’ve always said that disorganization goes deeper than piles of paper on the counter, dishes in the sink or an overflowing closet. Clutter is merely a symptom of a bigger issue — resulting in feelings of shame, anxiety, stress, and an overall lack of control.

The longer I worked with people, the more I recognized that it wasn’t enough to tell people what to buy, or how to do something, because what works for one person may not work for someone else.  To take things a step further, I began researching WHY certain people struggle with clutter, while others are naturally organized.

Motivation and behavior became recurring themes in my work, so I began taking a deeper dive into the link between clutter and the Enneagram.

Enneagram Model

Ready to dive into all things Enneagram & Clutter?

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An Enneagram Approach to Organizing

In my book HOT MESS: A Practical Guide to Getting Organized, I identify the 3 main types of clutter (Physical, Emotional, Calendar) and the 5 common clutter pitfalls (Procrastination, Indecision, Guilt, Overwhelm & Time).

For the past 3 years I have immersed myself in learning about the Enneagram. The more I studied, the clearer it became that understanding yourself through the Enneagram can have a direct correlation to how we relate to clutter.

Why One Size Doesn’t Fit All

You’ve heard it all before, one size doesn’t fit all. But let me take it a step further…


All 9 enneagram types have some relationship with clutter and organization. The Enneagram & Clutter Course helps you by looking at your dominant source of clutter, to why specific Enneagram types are prone to certain pitfalls, and most importantly, what to do about it.

Whether you are super organized, bordering on control freak, a total hot mess, or somewhere in between, we all have our issues.

Our comprehensive Enneagram & Clutter online organizing course includes modules for all 9 Enneagram types, and is by far the best value we offer. This is especially true for professional organizers, teachers, or therapists who are working with people that struggle with clutter.

Enneagram & Clutter Complete Course

This complete Enneagram & Clutter virtual course includes:

  • Over 20 lessons spread across 6 modules
  • Over 6 hours of training
  • Simple, digestible content
  • Includes audio content, visual content, and printable downloads
  • Journal prompts after each section for discussion & self-discovery


Color Enneagram Types Chart

Mini Enneagram Organizing Courses

If you’re looking for a shorter lesson plan specific to your Enneagram type, our mini organizing courses are tailored just for you! While we call them “mini,” each course still contains almost 20 lessons spread across six modules. The key difference is that the content is focused on a single Enneagram type.

$47 Each



















Learning how my Enneagram type impacts my clutter was eye-opening! Laurie broke down the WHY behind my problems with clutter and didn’t just put a Band-Aid on it, like most decluttering courses! I can’t wait dive deeper to see how this can help me FINALLY conquer all the clutter that’s been holding me down, in a way that makes sense for me!

Cara Harvey

A Purpose Driven Mom


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