Enneagram & Clutter Course: FAQ

1. Do I need to understand the enneagram before enrolling in this course?

No you do not. If you do, that’s great! But it is not necessary.

Depending on the depth of your enneagram knowledge, some of this may be a refresher. You might also be learning some new content!

2. What if I don’t know my number?

If you don’t know your Enneagram type, that is not a problem.

This course has a large focus on the Enneagram as a whole and we get to the numbers/ types towards the end.

Whether you know your number or not, you will still walk away with information and clarity that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

3. I’m an organized person, how can this course help me?

Even if you are organized, there is a chance that someone important in your life (spouse, child, friend) that does struggle with clutter. By understanding where they struggle and being able to see things through their eyes allows you to give grace.

4. Is this difficult to understand?

The Enneagram has so many layers. But I made this course very focused and digestable for you by using common sense language and relateable analogies so that this would not come across as too academic.

I put this together from years of my own research and after interviewing hundreds of people in focus groups. This is easily understandable, regardless of where you are in your journeys with clutter or the Enneagram.

5. Who is the ideal candidate for this course?

The ideal candidate for this course is:

  • Anyone who is interested in learning about the Enneagram through a different lense (clutter).
  • Someone who has been struggling with clutter and is frustated, overwhelmed or dealing with shame related to it. This course will give a roadmap to help you understand why you struggle and give you strategies to help navigagte towards being a better version of yourself.
  • A professional teacher, therapist, or organizer. Really anyone working daily in the field with people who are struggling with physical, emotional or calendar clutter. If you want to help, teach and inspire people, this course is for you!

6. How is this course different from other Enneagram courses?

There are many courses about the Enneagram out there with great tools and resources. But, this is the first course of this nature that shares the connection between the Enneagram and clutter.

7. Is this course accredited?

It is not. This has come through years of research and study as well as my own personal journey, but it is not accredited.

8. What is your refund policy?

We priced this course very affordable so that you could get a ton of value out of it.

That being said, if you have gone through the ENTIRE course within the first 14 days after purchase and realize this is not what you signed up, please email us laurie@simplyborganized.com and we will refund you.

Our goal is that you will find this course so valuable in information that you feel it is worth both your time and your money.

9. What if I want to learn more specific strategies relating to my own life or business?

I am doing clutter coaching on a limited basis. If you are interested, there are links at the end of the course on how to connect with me for one-on-one coaching. There is also a possibility of group coaching depending on the amount of interest shown.

I also did a whole series on the Enneagram and clutter on the This Organized Life podcast that you can acccess for more help.

10. Where do I go if I have questions about the course content?

Great question! Any questions, comments or conversations can be posted within the This ORGANIZED Life facebook group. We may create a separate group exclusively for the E & C course depending on interest.

“Learning how my Enneagram type impacts my clutter was eye-opening! Laurie broke down the WHY behind my problems with clutter and didn’t just put a Band-Aid on it, like most decluttering courses! I can’t wait dive deeper to see how this can help me FINALLY conquer all the clutter that’s been holding me down, in a way that makes sense for me!”

—Cara Harvey, A Purpose Driven Mom