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Is it time to clear the clutter in your home? You’re in the right place! With our curated list, you can find experts in professional organizing around the globe.

My goal has always been to help people live simply and work smarter. Sometimes reading a book or listening to a podcast is enough motivation to do the trick, but there is no shame in needing the accountability and direction of a professional to help us navigate the process which can be overwhelming.

Enter the SBO Partner Program!

Each organizer has been interviewed, screened and qualified by the SBO Team. Although each of our partners owns and operates her own independent company, we all share the same core organizing mission of helping you reclaim control of your clutter so you can live simply. So regardless of whether you live in my little neck of the woods, or clear across the country, we are here to help!

Simply click on your city on the map above to find a professional organizer in your area. 

Can’t find someone in your city on the map? Please email us, and we’ll try to help find an organizer for you!

***Please note that all of our SBO Partners own and operate their individual professional organizing companies and have committed to being part of our member community.

All of our Partner Organizers are listed alphabetically by state below and available
by location on the map above.

Jen Wade Professional Organizer Headshot

Yellow Cottage Living (Huntsville, AL)

Contact person – Jen Wade
Area of Specialty – Residential, Decluttering, Unpacking, Downsizing
Email –
Phone – 256-824-0235
Website –

Making Space Today (Los Angeles, CA)

Contact person – Alysha Fenn
Area of Specialty – Closets, Kitchens, Offices, Bathrooms
Email –
Phone – 657-229-0396
Website –

Simpli Sort (San Diego, CA)

Contact person – Courtney Wilson
Area of Specialty – Residential, Children, Small Business, Small Spaces, Relocation
Email –
Phone – 858-922-2811
Website –

DeLorean Reese of Peace by Piece Professional Organizing Headshot

Peace by Piece Professional Organizing (San Francisco, CA)

Contact person – DeLorean Reese
Area of Specialty – Residential, Business, Moving, Closet Re-design, Decluttlering
Email –
Phone – 628-333-4717
Website –

Synced Spaces (Denver & Vail Valley, CO)

Contact person – Jenna Dornseif
Area of Specialty – Residential, Small Business, Family Organizing and Extreme Declutter
Email –
Phone – 720-217-9883
Website –

HARMONie (Washington, DC)

Contact person – Kait Hilton
Area of Specialty – Families, Professionals,Small Businesses, Unpacking, Decluttering
Email –
Phone – 202-459-3434
Website –

Kristy Potgieter of KLP Organizing Photo

KLP Organizing (Southwest Florida)

Contact person – Kristy Potgieter
Area of Specialty – Closets, Pantries, Offices, Kitchens, Bathrooms
Email –
Phone – 239-405-2034
Website –

ORDER by Kate (Atlanta, GA)

Contact person – Kate Swenson
Area of Specialty – Residential, Decluttering, Staging, Packing, Unpacking
Email –
Phone – 404-333-9581
Website –

Sort Support LLC (Indianapolis, IN)

Contact person – Lisa Eckerle
Area of Specialty – Residential Home Organization
Email –
Phone – 812-639-1599
Website –

Happy.Healthy.Home (Des Moines, IA)

Contact person – Anne Ahmann
Area of Specialty – Residential Decluttering and Organizing (all areas), Downsizing
Email –
Phone – 515-360-4849
Website –

Lynn Omeara of LM Organizing Headshot

LM Organizing (Wilmette, IL)

Contact person – Lynn Omeara
Area of Specialty – Empowering Clients To Organize, Declutter, and Refresh Homes
Email –
Phone – 773-213-1432
Website –

Martha Carol Stewart of Chaos Organizing Photo

Chaos Organizing (Baton Rouge, LA)

Contact person – Martha-Carol Stewart
Area of Specialty – Residential, Decluttering, Unpacking, Relocating
Email –
Phone – 225-205-6400
Website –

A Meaningful Space (Shelby Township, MI)

Contact person – Janelle Azar
Area of Specialty – All inclusive residential organizing
Email –
Phone – 586-342-1280
Website –

Organized! By Kristi (Southeastern MA)

Contact person – Kristi Santilli
Area of Specialty – Residential, Decluttering, & Home Offices
Email –
Phone – 617-721-5566
Website –

Curated Spaces (South Orange, NJ)

Contact person – Betsy Cahn and Linda Thibodeau
Area of Specialty – Moving and Schlepping, Residential, Small Business, Decluttering, Home Offices
Email –,
Phone – Betsy: 973-220-5372  Linda: 201-780-9123
Website –

Let’s Sort It Out By Deb (Chappaqua, NY)

Contact person – Debbie Liebberman
Area of Specialty – Personal Organization, Decluttering, Creating Systems, Time Management, Tips and Tricks
Email –
Phone – 914-552-1001
Website –

Sort and Sweet, Inc (Long Island, NY, & Savannah, GA)

Contact person – Mary Cornetta & Margaret Henfling 
Area of Specialty – Residential, Small Business, Decluttering, Small Spaces, Coaching
Email –
Phone – 631-457-9206 Mary (NY) & 631-946-1116 Margaret (GA)
Website –

The Joyful Sort (Columbus, OH)

Contact person – Kelly Beutler
Area of Specialty – Residential Organizing, Decluttering, Children
Email –
Phone – 614-505-9373
Website –

Life Simplified, LLC (Havertown, PA)

Contact person – Annie Kilbride
Area of Specialty – Residential, Paper Management, Unpacking & Storage Areas
Email –
Phone – 215-908-2869
Website –

n organized life, (Bucks County, PA)

Contact person – Nathalie Courtney
Area of Specialty – Kitchens, closets, offices, paperwork
Email –
Phone – 267-342-5052
Website –


Kate Bosch of Kate Bosch Professional Organizing Headshot

Kate Bosch Professional Organizing (Providence, RI)

Contact person – Kate Bosch, Certified Professional Organizer
Area of Specialty – Residential, Kids Organizing, Paper, Attics, Basements, Garages
Email –
Phone – 401-699-4878
Website –

Fresh Start Organizer (Easley, SC)

Contact person – Tanya Hunter
Area of Specialty – Kitchen, Garage, Closets, Declutter and Playrooms
Email –
Phone – 864-616-4480
Website –

Order to Everything (Austin, TX)

Contact person – Melynda Weiland
Area of Specialty – Residential, Relocation, Room Design, Home Staging, Kids Organization
Email –
Phone – 512-981-6704‬
Website –

Andrea Hancock of Dexterous Organizing Photo

Dexterous Organizing (Alexandria, VA)

Contact person – Andrea Hancock
Area of Specialty – Team jobs, closet design, estate sales, move management
Email –
Phone – 703-653-0088
Website –

In Good Order (Richmond, VA)

Contact person – Mary Davis
Area of Specialty – Home, Business
Email –
Phone – 804-537-0369
Website –

Beth Wilson of Wilson Home Organizing Headshot

Wilson Home Organizing (Tacoma, WA)

Contact person – Beth Wilson
Area of Specialty – Residential, Small spaces
Email –
Phone – 509-731-4813
Website –