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Real Happy Mom

Motherhood Simplified

A podcast for moms who want to declutter but don’t want to become full blown minimalist. My audio isn’t perfect, and my kids might interrupt us but the conversations are real, impactful and will help you declutter your home. It’ll be like we’re doing it together.

Real Happy Mom

Olive You Whole

Our goal is to…

…help you build a healthy, connected, and intentional life that fulfills your greatest purpose.

Real Happy Mom

Enneagram & Coffee

Laurie is the founder of Simply B Organized (SBO) where she writes, teaches, and works with people of all ages helping them to declutter and work smarter. She also hosts This ORGANIZED Life, a weekly podcast where she chats with awesome guests about life, work, parenting, and the role that organization has in their lives.

Real Happy Mom

Organized & Energized

“I think setting those healthy boundaries is not only good for me, but it’s good behavior to model for my family. It’s also good to train your clients that you’re not on call 24 hours a day.”

Real Happy Mom

Intentional Edit

The Intentional Edit Podcast includes decluttering and purging strategies to eliminate the clutter in your home, easy meal planning, how to manage family schedules, getting kids on board with organizing and so much more! 

Real Happy Mom

Real Happy Mom

There is one game that I am sure that all moms have played. That game is comparison game. You know when you look at another mom and think that she is better than you because she is skinner than you and makes perfect Pinterest-worthy lunches everyday for her kids.

If you want to change the narrative and start feeling empowered, listen to this episode now. 

Real Happy Mom

Standard Office Procedures

Laurie Palau founder of  Simply B Organized joins Grace and Shannon to shed light on how to declutter and streamline your life-all based on your Enneagram Type. Laurie shares her insight and expertise as a professional organizer, breaking down what each Enneagram type is, how each type tends to accumulate clutter  in their life, and what they can do to reorganize and eradicate that clutter.

Real Happy Mom

The Productivity Pod(cast)

In this episode, you will learn all the different types of clutter pitfalls (listen to find out what they are) and how your Enneagram type defines your type of clutter and your pitfall, and how to overcome it.

Brave women at work

The Enneagram and Work Clutter with Laurie Palau

Whether you have a cluttered desk with paper or a messy email inbox (guilty as charged over here), it can affect your productivity, your mindset, and your career success. We talk all about it in this episode!

Brave women at work

Clutter and Organization Strategies For Adults and Kids

Amber focuses on the fact that getting organized can be especially challenging for neurodiverse people. Laurie joins Amber to discuss the neurodiversity in her own family, and how she has figured out a way to meet adults and kids where they are, by giving them strategies to tackle their unique issues with all types of clutter—both tangible and intangible.

Brave women at work

{BLESSED} Laurie Palau
the efficiency B podcast

Laurie Palau is the author of the book HOT MESS: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO GETTING ORGANIZED, host of the popular weekly podcast, This ORGANIZED Life, and founder of Simply B Organized-a lifestyle company helping people live simply and work smarter. Laurie speaks on the topics of clutter, parenting, and entrepreneurship.

The Enneagram + Marriage Podcast

The Enneagram & Getting Organized with Laurie Palau

Christa is joined by the organizational expert, author, course creator, and podcaster Laurie Palau, as she shares her Enneagram and Clutter course tips as we uncover the patterns, habits, and emotions under clutter as we consider Enneagram types as well.

Guess podcast appearances on Stories and Strategies for Women with Claudine Wolk

Clutter & The Enneagram with Laurie Palau

Whether it’s emotional, physical, or calendar clutter, in this episode we dive into the “WHY” behind your clutter habits, using a tool called the Enneagram. We’ll uncover some of the reasons — why you do what you do with your clutter, according to your personality type.

Guess podcast appearances on Stories and Strategies for Women with Claudine Wolk

The Enneagram and Clutter with Laurie Palau

Laurie speaks on the topics of clutter, parenting, and entrepreneurship. In this episode, she dives into each of the enneagram numbers and how they relate to clutter. SO MANY helpful insights and practical tips in this juicy episode! 

Guess podcast appearances on Stories and Strategies for Women with Claudine Wolk

Laurie Palau – Hot Mess – Clutter, It’s How It Makes You Feel

Laurie shares her theory on types of clutter and what they mean: physical clutter, emotional clutter, and calendar clutter.  She explains that once you can identify the type of clutter you can start to eliminate it from your life.

Pretty Simple Sarah Podcast Cover Art

Laurie Palau- Founder & CEO of Simply B Organized

Laurie speaks on the topics of clutter, parenting, and entrepreneurship. Her latest work connects the dots between personality type and clutter, through the lens of the Enneagram.

Podcast guest appearances: Soundbalming Podcast Artwork

SoundBalming with LaMarr Darnell Shields

Laurie talks with BalmShelter’s LaMarr Darnell Shields about the tactical side of tackling our spaces, plus insights on geting our life, home, and business organized for the new year.

Guess podcast appearance cover art: Clear the Clutter with Laurie Palau

Clear the clutter with Organizing Expert Laurie Palau

Laurie Palau discusses the deeper issues revealed by clutter and how to create an organizational system your entire family can participate in.

Career Mom Episode 28 Podcast Cover Art

Career Mom: An Organized Life with Laurie Palau

Laurie Palau talks about not only the physical clutter that affects moms, but the emotional clutter and calendar clutter.

Petite2Queen Podcast Cover Art: Stop being a hot mess: How to finally get more organized with Laurie Palau

Petite2Queen: Stop Being a Hot Mess: How to Finally Get Organized!

We spoke with organization expert Laurie Palau of Simply B Organized about how to overcome those roadblocks to keeping tidy.

Podcast guest appearances cover art: The Nishant Garg Show Podcast

The Nishant Garg Show: Mindfulness, Physical, and Emotional Clutter


Laurie Palau discusses emotional, mental, and physical clutter.

BeREAL Episode 14 cover art: Coping with Emotional and Physical Clutter with Laurie Palau

BeREAL Episode 14: Coping with Emotional and Physical Clutter with Laurie Palau

Laurie Palau from the podcast This ORGANIZED Life to discuss emotional clutter and the importance of being organized.

Podcast guest appearances: Pro Organizer Studio Episode 54: The Enneagram and Your Pro Organizing Business

Episode 54: The Enneagram and Your Pro Organizing Business

Laurie hosts the popular Simply B Organized podcast and is now working on a new project involving Enneagram and organizing styles. 

Episode 114: Fearless Founder: Laurie Palau

Jamie chats with Laurie and we all get to hear about her journey and how her business transformed into what it is today! 

Episode 88: Helping Disorganized Kids Work Smarter, Not Harder

We discuss how everyone learns and processes differently, how to communicate with your child so they are clear on expectations and processes and open to hearing your suggestions, implementing routines to improve organization, and Laurie’s top five tools and strategies for anyone to get and stay organized.

Clutter, Chaos and Covid SOLUTIONS

 Laurie Palau is a master at organizing and at teaching PARENTS so we can teach our kids.  She also teaches kids on how to be more organized (and there is no better time than right now!). 

Episode 106: How to Be Organized as a Creative

Laurie sheds light on our personality and why we choose to focus on certain things and how to avoid clutter pitfalls.  

Episode 49: How to Stay Organized as Your Seasons Change

Laurie talks with us today about how to manage clutter and stay organized as your life seasons change. 

Episode 73:
Mindfully Decluttering

Laurie Palau shares with us her insights on how getting our home organized is just as much of an inside job as it is an outside job.

Episode 43: A Mom’s Practical Guide to Getting Organized

We talk about everything from organizing to raising teenagers. 

Episode 118: Back-To-School Organization Tips

Laurie Palau schools us on back-to-school organization tips and tricks that make this time of year so much more manageable. 

Episode 14: The Importance of A Tribe

Laurie Palau discusses her SBO Partner Program. The program is essentially an international, bad ass tribe of other organizers who help, support, refer, and lift each other up.

Episode 15: Organizing and Time: Scheduling

This episode will give you some great tips and tricks to help you better manage your time.

Clear Out Clutter in
Life + Business

Laurie walked us step-by-step through her decade in business, which I think is so useful and inspiring, regardless of where you are in your own business.

Episode 83: Laurie Palau – Author: Hot Mess

Laurie provides education, motivation, and solutions for people who are tired of feeling overworked, overextended, and overwhelmed.

Organizing for Life After High School & Sangria Fresca

Chatting with organizing expert AND college freshman mom Laurie Palau all about planning for post-high school life.

Episode 106 How To Be Organized as a Creative with Laurie Palau

I am speaking with organization guru Laurie Palau about getting organized in life and business. She sheds light on our personality and why we choose to focus on certain things and how to avoid clutter pitfalls.

Episode 98 Kickin’ Clutter To The Curb With Laurie Palau

We navigate why clutter shows up in your life, how it affects you, practices for decluttering, and how to get organized so you can live a richer, less stressful life.

Starting a Podcast with Laurie Palau from Pro Organizer Studio

We are chatting all about podcasting and about what she offers for professional organizers. Plus, check out where she sees herself going as an entrepreneur in this industry!

Episode 85: Helping Our Children Get Organized by Laurie Palau

We may have the highest hopes for getting our homes organized but then we must deal with the clutter that derives from our kiddos. 

Episode 94: This Organized Life with Laurie Palau

We chat about the three categories she sees as causing clutter in our lives, her partner program and what she struggles with in her home. We absolutely adored having Laurie with us and as always we hope you have a giggle with us and enjoy the conversation!

What Clutter Costs You and Wine Spritzers with Laurie Palau

When you think of cost you usually think dollars and cents…today I am talking with special guest, author & professional organizer Laurie Palau, about other ways clutter can cost you…time, health, & relationships. And we make Laurie’s go-to summer drink: the Wine Spritzer.

Episode 190: Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond and Laurie Palau

Her book HOT MESS: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO GETTING ORGANIZED, is a survival guide for anyone who has felt overwhelmed and needs some simple strategies to get on track. She shares her HOT MESS with Lou on this get your sh*t together episode of Thrive LOUD.

Episode 102 How To Get Your Sh*t Organized w/ Laurie Palau

How to tell the difference between different kinds of clutter: physical, emotional, and calendar + How to figure out which type is holding you back + How to time block to be more efficient with your time + What it means to suck at ‘retrieval time’

Spark Joy Podcast Episode 30 with Laurie Palau

Laurie Palau presents an insightful approach to organizing with an emphasis on the emotional aspects of clutter along with her practical tips for managing the things in your home.

5 Ways to Be Productive in the School Pick Up Line

Have you ever found yourself stuck in traffic, whether it is a school pick-up line or just your morning commute, wishing you were doing something better with your time?

The Mark Struczewski Podcast with Laurie Palau

Laurie Palau is a speaker, author, and host of the podcast, This ORGANIZED Life, where listeners get a glimpse into her not-so-perfect world as a wife, mom and professional organizer.

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