Kid Testimonials

Getting an endorsement from any of my clients is a wonderful feeling, but getting a “thumbs up” from my kid clients is priceless. Knowing that I have made a positive impact by empowering them to make better choices when it comes to organizing their time or their belongings is one of the many reasons why I love what I do.

Read on to see what some of my favorite young organizing clients have to say about sBo:

What I have learned so far from you is that change can be a good thing, and that everything has a time, and once that things time is up, we need to move on. I also learned that being organized and clean is a great life! It can be hard to keep organized, but if you do, you can find things easier and things won’t seem so cluttered and messy. And you don’t have to think of it has getting rid of and moving things around. To make it easier you can think of it as a makeover for your room, or house. It makes the process more fun! I have definitely benefited from being organized. I can actually see my dresser now! And not as many things go missing. You have helped me so much already, and we’ve barely even started. A clean life, is a happy life:)

Vanessa, Age 13

Miss Laurie, taught me everything I know. But if I had to pick one thing – I love that all my hair and accessories have their own bins with labels so I know where everything I want is and where everything that I use goes.

Maddie, Age 5

All my baseball cards are in sleeves and in binders, in order by team – I took what Miss. Laurie taught me about my legos and applied it to my new love, baseball cards. I always know how to find what I want to share with friends and where they all go.

Baird, Age 7

Since Miss Laurie taught me how to organize my room and closet, I no longer worry about having friends over. I know that (most of the time) all my things are where they belong, and when we have lots of people over, it’s much easier to put everything away since everything has a space.

Ainsley, Age 9