Kids Coaching

I know you are doing your best during this crazy time, but you still might feel like you’re drinking from a firehose.
You answer non-stop questions all day, probably taking the brunt of the responsibility for everyone in the house which leaves you mentally, physically and emotionally exhaused. You go to bed feeling unappreciated, inadequate and overwhelmed, only to wake up and hit repeat.
I’ve been working with parents of school aged kids who are struggling with trying to navigate the new norm of life under quarantine. For some that includes working full time, catering to a full house (or apartment), and somehow try to assist their kids with distance learning. Maybe you are a stay-at-home mom and just hit your breaking point because you already completed the first grade…BACK WHEN YOU WERE IN FIRST GRADE!
There’s no denying that’s A LOT for one person to handle, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed and maybe even frustrated with everything on your plate, I want to help.

Working with kids, establishing routines, creating “work zones” and time blocking are what I love to do.

Routine and structure is undoubtedly important, but let’s be honest, adding something else to your already overflowing plate is enough to set anyone over the edge.

Which is exactly why I’ve created a special offering for parents during COVD-19;  to help remove the guesswork, and frankly, to let someone else take the wheel for minute.

Also, if you haven’t already figured it out, kids are 1000 times more likely to listen to a someone else rather than take their own parent’s advice. (Trust me, I’m a mom, I speak from personal experience 😊)

How it Works

✓ Schedule a 1-hour Zoom call with me to learn about your specific pain points. Sessions can also be broken into two 30-minute sessions per week.

✓ Depending on the age of your kids, I will work directly with them or in conjunction with you (your choice) to establish routines and set age-appropriate goals.

✓ Sessions can be used as a springboard, or as ongoing weekly support.

Conversation Topics

✓ Time Blocking

✓ Defining worksapces

✓ Accountability Checklist

✓ Household Responsibilities (by age)

✓ Favorite Apps & Resources

COVID-19 Pricing

Single Session: $75

3 Sessions: $195

Group Sessions Available
(Call or email for pricing)

Schedule a free call

to discuss which option is best for you and your family.