SBO Member Resources

Welcome to the Simply B Organized Member Resources page! Here you will have access to our exclusive webinar library, SBO Partner logo file, and more. We will continue to add more benefits to this page, so keep an eye on it!

Webinar Library

Our members-only Webinar Library contains over a dozen videos that each focus on key areas to benefit your professional organizer business. Learn methods and tips on creating effective marketing materials, growing your business, branding yourself on social media, and many more topics.

Have an idea for a webinar, or an area you want more help in? Let us know!

SBO Partner Badge

As an SBO Partner, you’re part of a unique group of like-minded professional organizers, and what better way to proudly tell everyone this – including your clients – than a badge? Here you can download the SBO Partner badge use on your website and social media pages.

Please contact us if you have any questions!