Helpful Organizing Tools & Services

Hello friends! We created this page as a quick one-stop resource to show you our favorite and most helpful organizing tools that we use every day. These range from marketing and connecting with clients, to apps that can help you plan, schedule, and declutter your professional (and personal!) life, to help your business run efficiently. Next to each item, we have a quick overview video about how we use each service, and a button to easily sign up for them.*

If you have questions on any of these tools – or have a suggestion for a new one! – please get in touch and let us know!

Email Marketing

AWeber is our favorite email marketing tool. It allows us to:

Build our contact lists
Keep our subscribers up to date
Stay connected with our audience

List Building Starter Kit

The List Building Starter Kit is one of our favorite organizing tools, and our secret weapon for:

Growing your audience
 Attracting a loyal customer base
Building your email list


We like using Acuity Online Appointment Scheduling since it saves us both time and effort in getting started with new clients. With Acuity we:

Ensure client payments are on time
Automate common tasks
Spend more time on finding new clients, and less time doing “busy work”

Invoicing & Payroll

Square has many payment solutions, though it’s their invoicing and payroll services that we love the most.

Online invoices make it easy to collect payments from clients
Automated reminders (for those clients who aren’t always on top of their payments)
Payroll services, with support for hourly and salaried employees, time card integration, and health coverage


Evernote has been around for a long time, and there’s a good reason for it! We find it indispensable for taking and organizing notes, thanks to some handy features such as:

Quickly attaching images, documents, or invoices to notes
Easy sharing options, including sharing company-wide notes
Helpful integrations such as Outlook, Slack, and Google Drive


How many calendar apps are out there? There are many options, but the simple-looking Google Calendar can likely take care of all your needs.

It’s easy to use with a clean look
It’s everywhere: Anything you change on any of your devices will sync to one another
Easy appointment and event sharing options

File Sharing

Dropbox is a must-have for easily sharing documents, photos, and more across your team and to clients.

Any file can be shared for review and collaboration with others
Everything syncs to any device you want
Build custom shared folders to instantly share specific files with the right people

Video Conferencing

It can be difficult to find a reliable, easy-to-use video conferencing app. We love Zoom, since it’s simple and straightforward.

Includes video, audio, and chat features
Supports up to 100 people, so it’s good for groups of all sizes
Manage contacts within Zoom, making it easy to reconnect

Closet Systems

One of our favorite organizing tools. Whether it’s a pantry, closet, or garage, Organized Living has a solution for it.

Online design tools let us give clients an interactive visual for maximum impact & customization
Built-in ordering
Links to find local installers

Photo Editing & Design

PicMonkey is a great tool for easily making professional-looking graphics. We like recommending it because:

It allows you to give your social media posts more impact
Hundreds of templates make it easy to quickly get started
It’s far more affordable than many design apps

Your Color Guru

Your Color Guru is a great tool when you look in your closet and think you have nothing to wear.

Virtual Color Consultations
Personalized color charts just for you
Great gift for family and friends


Stop drowning in email with your personal inbox manager.

Your personal inbox manager can file and filter emails and create templates to automate your communication flow.
Streamline, simplify and consolidate your inbox so every email is easy to locate should you need to reference it
Get you down to Inbox Zero every day by replying to all your emails.

*Simply B Organized is affiliated with some of the services listed here and may receive some form of compensation – at no cost to you – if you sign up to use them via the links on this page.