Ep 321: Storage Spaces with Leigh Achenbach

Ep 321: Storage Spaces with Leigh Achenbach

Hi Friends, Joining me today is Leigh Achenbach, founder of Suddenly Simple Organizing in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  I invited Leigh on TOL to talk about storage spaces-specifically Garages, Attics and/or Basements.  For folks living in a house, you probably have at least one of these areas that requires ongoing maintenance to keep from becoming a cluttered…

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Decluttering this Weekend? Avoid These Common Mistakes

I am very excited to share a guest post by our SBO Partner Melanie Juedes, founder of RESET Professional Organizing in Wisconsin!   So you’ve decided to declutter and organize a large space like a guest room or garage. Great! And you’ve set aside a weekend to do it. Not great. Spending an entire weekend organizing is mentally…