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You can login to your Affiliate Dashboard anytime by visiting http://simplyborganized.com/affiliate-area

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Once you are inside of your Dashboard, you will see some “big picture” items that you can access. Let’s walk through them.

How to Create Affiliate Links

Please watch the video below before creating your affiliate links. 

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Affiliate URL

This is the URL that you will share with your own community. When someone clicks this link and makes a purchase, you will receive 10% of their purchase total.


This page will show your campaigns, referrals and commissions.


This will show you the referral amount, status and date.


Each time Simply B Organized pays out a balance on your account, a new line item will be entered into this table. Each line item will contain a total amount of commissions that was paid, and a date it was paid. Simply B Organized pays their affiliates through PayPal transfer. When you signed up to be an affiliate for this Simply B Organized Referral Program, you provided a PayPal address. If you ever want to see and/or edit which PayPal address you have on file, click on Settings in the dropdown menu at the top of the screen. If you have any questions about promoting, getting paid, etc. please contact us here.


This will show you how many people have used your affiliate link to view our offerings.


This is where you can view and grab a variety of affiliate graphics with links that you can share online. Each link will have:

1: A Name
2: A Destination URL
3: Your Unique Affiliate Link
4: Embed Code

To use the creatives, choose which link you would like to use, and copy the embed code. You can use this code to place the creative anywhere online yu would like.

You can also take your unique affiliate code and drop it into your email marketing tool like AWeber, MailChimp, ConvertKit, etc.

Share your affiliate links with your audience, and watch your stats to see how many clicks & sales you generate.